• Accounting Services

    Companies often require a professional accountant, but are unable to employ one on a full time basis due to the cost involved or a lack of suitable candidates. Solarmark (HK) C.P.A. Company Limited provides accounting services for companies on a monthly, quarterly, annual or ad-hoc basis, as required.


    Accounting records can be written up at the client's place of business, or in our office using various accounting software packages. Accurate and reliable accounts, on a timely basis, together with comparisons of budgeted and actual results, are essential management tools. These reports can be tailored to a client's specific circumstances and requirements.

    • Our services include:

    • Prepare periodic and annual financial statements
    • Record and handle accounting ledger
    • Set up and maintain accounting system
    • Handle business documents, and MPF
    • Provide consultancy services for accounting staff
    • Advise in business planning and budgeting
    • Set up trust funds