• Corporate Finance Consulting Services

    Corporate financing is a means to raise capital for future business development, with a view to enhance profit and improve shareholder value of the company by effective use of funds. There are many ways to achieve this end, depending on the market conditions and strategy of the particular business. Broadly speaking, there are four major vehicles commonly sought by privately held businesses: private placement, merger and acquisition, debt financing and going public. At Solarmark, we listen to the client's needs and help them identify the most viable channel in achieving the target.

    • Our services include:

    • Manage capital flow and investment fund
    • Prepare business plans and investment proposals
    • Evaluate target transactions in qualified merger, acquisition; strategic alliance or joint venture partner formation
    • Analyze the company's accounting and taxation impacts
    • Propose suitable negotiation strategy, reasonable bid price
    • Assist in every step towards the successful completion of the transactions