• IPO Advisory Services

    Going public is a demanding process and is subject to the scrutiny of the regulatory body where the listing is sought. A successful IPO listing requires a clear strategy, prudent assessment and thorough planning. At Solarmark, we provide our clients with comprehensive IPO plans which facilitate effectively their collaboration with related professionals such as accountants, sponsors and legal advisors. Our scope of service can be summed up as follows:

    • Access business risk, cash flow, revenue and capital structure of the company
    • Review the entire tax planning and recommend legal ways of tax saving
    • Refer experienced professional bodies to the company such as sponsors, underwriters, legal consultants and appraisers
    • Recommend financing strategies and methods
    • Explain the operation of financial market and the listing rules to the company, in order to recommend listing strategies
    • Prepare earning and working capital forecasts; assist the company to prepare IPO prospectus and liaise with the stock exchange authority

      In the process of devising the best listing plan, we provide the following services:

    • Advise pre-listed company on capital market alternatives
    • Advise on fund raising possibilities
    • Advise on tax efficient listing structure based on a thorough review of their accounting record and internal controls
    • Provide referrals to strategic partners, investors, sponsors, lawyers, underwriters, surveyors and other professional parties

      During the listing process, we play an important role as follows:

    • Act as client's advisor and reporting accountant
    • Delineate best corporate structure and tax planning for the proposed listing vehicle
    • Prepare financial data required in the offering
    • Participate in the preparation of information related non-financial data of the offer
    • Review profit and generate working capital forecast
    • Provide guidance in the regulatory process and develop viable strategies